Term 1 in the Kitchen


I spent Friday morning with my wonderful friend Zoe.  If it wasn’t for Zoe I probably would never of applied for this job and her advice along the way has made the job a much more rewarding and less stressful experience.  But of course the most fantastic part of the job are the kids.  Every kitchen class is a new adventure for us all and here’s a snapshot of what the kids did in the kitchen during Term 1.

IMG_1461Year 3s discovered the joy of making pasta which they served with a simple Tomato sauce and Green Salad.  Later in the term they made Pizza Margheritas.

IMG_1460The Year 4s loved making Farfalle pasta which they served with a Herb and Parmesan Sauce, Potato and Zucchini Fritters, a Green Salad and finished off with a sensational Plum Tart.

IMG_1712The Year 5 and 6 had a great time preparing the Asian menu.  Some sensational knife skills were displayed in preparing the Green Bean Sambal.  Other dishes prepare were Chicken Wontons and Pumpkin Wontons, and an Asian Cucumber Salad.

IMG_1769The Year 6 students have been making amazing things to sell to raise funds for their graduation celebrations.  These beautiful bags are made using natural dyes.

All the meals prepared by the students use the produce they have grown and harvested from the school’s garden.  Each class is divided into five groups and each group (usually 4 to 5 students) prepares one dish in the school’s kitchen ideally with the help of a volunteer.  Volunteers are an essential part of the kitchen program and are desperately needed.  If you can help, even if only once a term, please sign up on the whiteboard outside the kitchen or contact us via majurakitchengarden@gmail.com.

Week 1 of Term 4 – its warming up!!

Welcome back to the Kitchen Garden. The warm weather we had in the holidays has allowed the garden to flourish. If you haven’t seen the poppies out, have a walk through the garden. The much needed rain has now also brought all the snails and slugs out from hiding, so look out for the tell-tale holes and slime trails before you eat anything from an organic garden…you might get a mouthful of protein with your veges!

IMG_5214 IMG_5222

Yesterday Peter and Thea attended Floriade’s annual bulb dig. Claire Shute arranged for them to attend as members of the Majura PS community. You may wonder why we would be interested in tulips in a kitchen garden. Well, believe it or not, tulip petals are edible! So not only will they provide early colour to the garden, they will also add additional colour to our fresh food.

Thank you to all the families who helped keep the chooks contented and the seedlings watered. As the weather warms up, volunteers will be required to help out on weekends with chook checks and watering. There is a calendar on the whiteboard next to the Butterfly gates for signups.

We welcome Kindergarten to the Kitchen Garden program this term. Notes have been sent home with class times. Please also note that times for Azurite and Tanzanite are now Monday after lunch (volunteers please arrive 1.25) and Crystallographers are back to being on Tuesdays at 1.25.

Lou requires home grown lemons, asparagus and broccoli for the coming menu if you have any to spare.


With the Spring Carnival only a few weeks away, I am looking for volunteers on a Thursday morning who can assist with “pricking out” and “potting on”. If you are interested, please see Thea in the garden from 9.45 on Thursdays (after reading groups). Training is provided for anyone who wants to help but isn’t sure how to.

September news

Garden News

Week 9 of Term 3 the Year 5s have been busy making biodegradable pots for growing pumpkin seedlings, made from old newspapers from the staffroom. The Tanzanite class fashioned these pots by wrapping two folder sheets of newspaper around a jar, tucking the loose edge into the mouth of the jar to form the base, removing the jar then securing the pot with string.

Looking after young chicks? There is a home-made brooder box suitable for chickens aged between 2 and 8 weeks available for loan. It has a Perspex lid and slot to pass heat lamp thought, and can accommodate 10 chickens. Contact Lisa on 0407 924163.

Drying fruit!

This week we have been trying out some new ideas to dry and preserve fruit:

  • dried lemons – once pulverized it can be used as a flavour in cakes or left as is it can be used in jugs of water


  • candied lemon peel – naturally dried then rolled in castor sugar – for use in cakes.


Spring Time!!!!

How exciting to see the new buds forming! Plenty of jobs to be done in the garden right now preparing the beds for spring and summer veg and keeping new pests at bay, here are some top tips for the week for your garden:

  • Blossoms!!!!! Have you noticed the buds and blossoms growing every day? Some trees are well and truly into blossom. Look out for tiny black aphids on the branches of fruit tress and blossoms – you must remove them or they will damage the blossom and the forming fruit. Wipe the tiny insects off or spray them like we do in the garden with an organic mix of garlic, chilli and pyrethrum.  
  • It’s a great time to prepare your vegetable beds for spring planting. Dig in compost and well-composted manure. Let the beds sit for a week or two before planting.


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Asparagus spears!!

Well we have some cool spears of asparagus showing, which Lou is incorporating into the kitchen menus for next week!! We protect them from little feet with temporary wire mesh tunnels (you can see the wire mesh in background of photo on right.

20140829_094917 20140829_094944

Plenty of kale, lettuce, rocket, brocollini and Romanesco broccoli to harvest today for the produce stall. We are also selling a huge variety of funky chutneys, jams and lemon curd – very popular at the Friday 3pm produce markets!

20140829_093024 20140829_093120 20140829_094444

The Friday produce stall is a great spot to pick up fresh herbs, eggs and veg for the weekend (if we have excess from the weekly classes). We also sell MKG t-shirts, aprons and canvas bags. Proceeds go directly to supporting the Majura kitchen garden program – the fundraising particularly helps when we realise at short notice that we are low on something (flour for the kitchen class, chook food for the girls over the weekend etc). Thanks for your support and come and stop by one Friday 3pm out the front.

20140829_145637 20140829_150204




Week 3 in the Kitchen and Garden

What a week for frosty nights! It is an exciting time in the Kitchen Garden – anticipating tiny asparagus spears any day and watching the new bugs on fruits trees develop!

Broccoli or cauliflower?


Its a Romanesco broccoli – Romanesco’s have a mildly nutty taste and can be used raw in salads or cooked like normal broccoli. This week the kitchen classes have been making delicious fritters with them.


Year 5s creating a groovy space in the middle of a herb and tea garden – here is a picture of our fabulous volunteer Peter preparing the surface for the kids to lay pavers.

Reminder: Trailers this Saturday (9 August) at 2pm – help needed to take a few loads to The Green Shed/tip – old building materials that the school no longer needs. This will help clear the back corner of the garden and make it easier for kids to move around the garden safely. At school garden – 2pm Saturday 9 August.

Feeding the soil for spring - lush compost to go out on the asparagus beds

Living classroom: Please supervise your child if they are in the garden. There are lots of new shoots and plants struggling to survive with the frosty mornings – parents, encourage your child to show you how they care for the plants in our outdoor classroom.