Majura kids grow

I’m the Garden Specialist at Majura Primary School.  I’m very new to this job, having only taken on the role at the beginning of Term 2 this year.  My background is in hospitality, so you should always see with a smile!  After having my 3 children I turned my hobby of gardening into a business with a friend in Sydney.  Since moving to Canberra 18 months ago with my family, I have found little time to spend with clients as I was volunteering a lot of my time to the school garden.  And now I find myself the in the wonderful position of Garden Specialist.

The rewards from the garden are great, the obvious being the edible produce to come out of it.  Other rewards are much more subtle , such as watching a student secretly sneaking a bean or watching as others learn about caring behavior through the aid of our lovely “ladies”- the chooks.

There are the students that are intrigued by the micro -life of the compost and worm farm while others prefer to dig trenches.  Some prefer the fine motor skills required for sowing lettuce seeds or tying herb posies. The garden is a place where everyone can shine.

While some people do posses a so called “green thumb’, the most important thing to remember is that a thumb of any colour is welcome in the Majura Kitchen Garden. I would love to see as many parents, grandparents, carers and local community members volunteering in the garden as possible!

Happy gardening,

Thea Young

Published by Thea

I am a gardener and Mum to three busy children ages 10, 8 and 5. I am very lucky to have a great job where I am able to combine the 2 parts of my life and show students at Majura Primary School in Canberra how to grow organic fruit and vegetables.

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