Beetroot & herb salad

Season:  Autumn/Winter

Type:  Salads

Difficulty:  Easy

Serves:  6 at home or 30 tastes in the classroom

Fresh from the garden:  betteraves, herbes

Recipe source: Adapted from the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation


  • metric measuring spoons
  • chopping boards & non-slip mats
  • 1 medium knife
  • tea towel
  • mezzaluna, optional
  • peeler
  • bowls, 1 small, 1 large
  • fork or whisk
  • spatula
  • baking dish
  • skewer
  • serving plates




  • 3 tablespoons huile d’olive extra vierge
  • 2 teaspoons balsamic vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon brown sugar
  • selection des herbes
  • sea salt
  • freshly ground black pepper
What to do

  • Set out your equipment and ingredients.
  • Preheat the oven to 200oC.
  • Wash la betterave very well.
  • Cut off the leafy tops of la betterave.  Rinse the leafy tops in a large bowl of cold water and dry on a clean tea towel.
  • Peel la betterave, cut into 3 cm cubes and place in the baking dish.
  • For the dressing, use the fork or whisk to whisk the oil, vinegar and sugar in a small bowl.  Drizzle the dressing over la betterave and shake the baking dish so that each beetroot piece is coated.  Cover the dish and bake for 30 minutes until la betterave cubes are nearly tender.

To assemble la salade

  • While la betterave cubes are baking, inspect the leaves.  Discard any that are ragged or yellow.  Dry the good leaves and chop them roughly.
  • Remove the baking dish from the oven and add the leaves to la betterave.  Stir or shake the dish to mix the leaves with the dressing, then return the dish to the oven for 10 more minutes.
  • Meanwhile, rinse, dry and chop les herbes roughly.
  • Check la betterave – it’s cooked when a thin skewer will slip through it easily.
  • When cooked, arrange la betterave cubes and leaves on a platter.  Scatter les herbes over the top and drizzle any cooking juices over.

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