Pizza dough

Season:  All year

Type:  Basics, Pasta

Difficulty:  Intermediate

Serves:  8 at home or 30 tastes in the classroom

Recipe source: Adapted from Stephanie Alexander’s Kitchen Garden Cooking with Kids


  • metric measuring spoons and cups
  • scales
  • bowls – 1 small, 1 large
  • fork



  • 1 cup lukewarm water
  • 4 teaspoons instant yeast
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 4 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • 400g strong white flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt


What to do

  • Set out your equipment and ingredients.

Prepare the yeast mixture

  • Put the water, yeast and sugar into a small bowl, mix with a fork and leave for 5-10 minutes until the mixture looks frothy.
  • Add 2 teaspoons of oil to the yeast mixture and mix well with the fork.

Weigh the flour

  • Put the large bowl onto the scales and turn the scales on.
  • Add spoonfuls of flour to the bowl until you get the right weight.

Mix the yeast mixture into the flour

  • Take the bowl off the scales, add the salt and tip the yeast mixture into the large bowl.
  • Using clean, dry hands, mix the yeast mixture into the flour until it is all combined.
  • When the dough stays together in a lump, knead the dough in the bowl or on the bench by pushing the palm of your hand firmly into the dough, then fold the dough in half and push it down again.  If the dough sticks to your hand or the bench, sprinkle a bit of flour on the dough.
  • Continue kneading for about 10 minutes until the dough is smooth and feels a bit springy.

Leave the dough to rest

  • Cover the bowl with plastic film and leave in a warm place till it has doubled in size (about an hour).
  • ‘Knock back’ the dough by pushing it down in the bowl then cover and leave again for about 20 minutes.
  • The dough is now ready to use, follow the pizza recipe to make pizzas with the dough.
Interesting techniques used in this recipe are:

  • Kneading
  • Leaving the dough to rest
  • Kneading the dough and leaving it to rest help the gluten form in the dough which is what gives the dough its springiness.

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