The Garden

Annungoola, the kitchen garden at Majura Primary School, is part of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation Program.

The name of the kitchen garden means “place of plenty”and is a site near Sutton where medicinal plants grew and there was lots of fresh water.  The garden was formally named in 2010.

The garden consists of 2 main areas –  the Market Garden, the area that is laid out in very obvious planting rows and the Home Garden, the garden beds that have a mix of different plants in the same area. This allows us to demonstrate different methods of organic gardening.  The chickens are a very important part of the organic garden as they give us enormous quantities of fresh manure to be composted, scratch up used garden beds prior to the next planting, eat the snails, slugs and curl grubs found in the garden and of course, in return, supply us with beautiful fresh eggs!

The garden was designed and created by Rik Allen and has very strong permaculture design principles.  To learn more about the ideas behind permaculture, offers plenty of information.


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